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How We Pick

Our awards for the Nations’ Top Leading Photographers are carefully selected after a thorough vetting process. We sort through tens of thousands of photographers to pick the nation’s best.

We review online portfolios and client feedback to start our search for the top photographers. We then look for the photographers who meet the highest standards of professionalism and demonstrate superior photography skills to narrow the selection.

We compare over 25 variables to find the best. Some of the qualities that we look for include:

  • Leadership

  • Philanthropy

  • Creativity

  • Technical skills

  • Commitment

  • Reputation

  • Experience

The photographers selected for recognition should be leaders. They should demonstrate that they are helping support the next generation of photographers or running successful businesses.

We also look for photographers who are actively pursuing philanthropic work, such as working with the community or donating their services to those who benefit the most.

Creativity and technical skills are also essential. We aim to find photographers who frequently produce creative, original works and possess the skills needed to create visually striking images.

Reputation, experience, and professionalism are also essential characteristics of the photographers we select. While we rely on our research, we also encourage others to recommend photographers. If you know a photographer who deserves recognition, let us know!

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