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Why We Pick

We want to help people discover the best photographers in their local area. We also want to help promote photographers who exhibit qualities of professionalism and integrity. We believe that people should be recognized for their work.

Our goal is to recognize the skills and talents of the leading photographers in the nation. We want to help people find these photographers, which benefits both the photographers we award and their future clients.

We make it easier for you to find the next photographer for a special event. Whether you have an upcoming wedding or school graduation, our selection of photographers includes the top choices in the area.

By rewarding and recognizing the top photographers, we take the hassle out of comparing options. You do not need to compare online reviews, look at dozens of portfolios, and worry about selecting the best photographer. We have already done all that for you. You simply need to browse our list to find reputable, trusted photographers.

The bottom line is that finding a photographer should not be a challenge. Good photographic skills should also be rewarded. That is why we pick. It is also why we encourage others to nominate photographers. Help us find the next crop of the nation’s top leading photographers.

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